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Webkinz are an Online Adventure

Webkinz World is the place where your plush Webkinz and Lil Kinz pet comes to life! In Webkinz World, you can care for your virtual pet, answer all kinds of  trivia, and play the best games for kids on the internet!

Everyday is an online adventure that is fun and safe for those that are young at heart.

How  does a Webkinz come to life?
When you purchase a new Ganz Webkinz you will notice that there is a special sealed tag attached to the leg.  This tag is sealed in a see through envelope and is to be opened by the new owner of the Webkinz.  Inside the tag you will find a special secret code.  Each Webkinz contains its very own secret code.  No two codes are the same.

Once you have your Webkinz and secret code you can visit the special website www.webkinz.com.  Here is where the fun begins.  As a new member you click the prompt for "New Member".  Here you will meet Miss Birdy, an interactive receptionist who will guide you through the adoption/registration process for your new Webkinz.

Once you have entered all the adoption information, you will than be able to enter the magical Webkinz World.

What are Webkinz?
Webkinz are small plush animal made for hugs.  They are furry and cuddly and come to life on the internet.

What's Ganz?
Ganz is the creator and maker of Webkinz.  The Ganz family started in the gift business more than 50 years ago and is known for high quality plush and a variety of other products.

 They are the makers of cottage collectibles and their heritage series of Wee Bears.  Wee Bears are small teddy bears dressed in disguises.  Although many of the Wee Bears are retired, you still can find them available on the internet for purchase.

Just enter Ganz Wee Bears in a google search for a list of websites selling Wee Bears

Where do I buy Webkinz?
There are many Webkinz dealers across the country.  To find a list of retailers in your area visit www.webkinz.com and click on Store Locator.  Enter your state and city for a list of Webkinz Stores.  Or some people prefer to purchase Webkinz online.  There are many Webkinz dealers online.  Just type Webkinz Dealer in a google search box.  One such dealer is

Is Webkinz online Safe to use?
Yes.  Ganz goes to great lengths to make sure your experience in Webkinz World are both safe and fun.  There are no viruses or anything that can hurt your pet.

Are Webkinz all fun?
Actually, yes, they are fun!  However, Webkinz are educational too. Webkinz World makes it fun for kids to learn and earn KinzCash at the same time.  Remember with KinzCash you can purchase fun stuff including rare items for your Webkinz.

What is a Retired Webkinz?
Retired simply means that the Webkinz is no longer being made.  If you own a Retired Webkinz, you can still play with it and have all the fun any other Webkinz owner does.  However, no more of the Retired Webkinz are being made, so they are not available for anyone else adopt.  A retired Webkinz is special, since they are no longer available,  you own something that is unique!  Not only are they Retired Webkinz fun to play with, but they are also a desirable collectible among collectors of Webkinz.

What Webkinz are retired?
Currently there are officially only two Webkinz that have been retired.  The Cheeky Dog and the Cheeky Cat.  There is a lot of speculation that the Cheeky Monkey will soon be retired.  However, there is no official word from Ganz about the Cheeky Monkey being retired.

Ganz sometimes stops making certain products, but does not label them as retired.  In this case they refer to them as discontinued.   Generally speaking, a discontinued item is a retired item.    There are several of the Lil'kinz that Ganz has labeled as discontinued, such as the Lil'Kinz Black bear and the Lil'Kinz Hippo.

How much does a Webkinz cost?
Webkinz suggested retail is $9.99 and Lil'kinz suggested retail is $6.99.  However, since Webkinz have become more popular, the supply is almost exhausted.  Ganz is having trouble keeping up with shipments to retailers.  Thus the price of Webkinz, especially the more popular ones has increased.   There are many webkinz available for sale on auction sites such as ebay.com.  You will find the prices far above the current retail.

The two officially retired Webkinz, the Cheeky Dog is selling for several hundred dollars and the Cheeky Cat is selling for well over one hundred dollars.

Can I adopt more than one Webkinz?
Of course, many Webkinz lovers have several Webkinz.   If you own a Webkinz and purchase a new one, you just add it to your account.  Miss Birdy on the webkinz site will guide you through the adoption of your additional pets.

How long do Webkinz Accounts last?
You get one year access to Webkinz World with a purchase of a new Webkinz.  It is easy to renew your membership to Webkinz World.  Just purchase a new Webkinz and add him to your account.  

How about a Sneak preview of Webkinz?
That's easy.  Just visit
www.webkinz.com and click on the link "Take a Tour".  You will be shown all the fun things about Webkinz and Webkinz World.

Getting to Webkinz World.
Getting to Webkinz World is  quick and easy, just go to www.webkinz.com

Webkinz , Lil'Kinz and WebkinzWorld are  trademarks of Ganz. 

What is Webkinz World?
Webkinz world is the magical place you will see your pet come to life.  You will see a picture of your Webkinz pet as well as lots of fun things you can do.  First, you can go to your pet's room.  Here you will see your pet.  You can decorate your pets room anyway you like.  You can add furniture as well as get clothes for your pet.

Kinzcash allows you to purchase different things for your Webkinz and their room.  There are lots of ways to earn Kinzcash in Webkinz World.  You can play the arcade, answer fun questions, or even take on a job.

Webkinz World is a busy place with lots of things always going on.  There are hourly events and daily events.  Each hourly event is different and can earn you extra Kinzcash.  Daily events include free spins on the Wishing Well, go Gem Hunting even play 1 ball Wacky Bingo.

Besides the tons of games you can play, you will find a special Tournament Arena where you can compete with other Webkinz owners or friends.  Here is your chance to earn Kinzcash and prizes.

Oh, when in Webkinz World don't forget to stop by Arte's Curio Shop.  Arte has all kinds of fun things for your Wekinz Pet. Like foods, furniture, clothes, and rare items.Meet the Webkinz, lovable plush pets with a secret code that lets you enter Webkinz  World. Learning and loving awaits a new   Webkinz and Lil Kinz owner. These velvety-soft plush Webkinz pets are made for hugs! Use your secret code to enter Webkinz World, so you can adopt your new Webkinz or Lil Kinz pet and find out all about it.

What are limited Edition or Holiday Webkinz?

As with other products produced by Ganz, some Webkinz are produced for a specific Holiday.  In 2007 for Valentines Day they produced the much sought after  Love Puppy Webkinz.   Since it was just produced  for Valentines Day, it has been discontinued or retired.  Another Limited Edition Webkinz is the 2007 Webkinz Sherbet Bunny.

Also being produced for Holidays in 2007 are the Black Cat for Halloween and the Reindeer for Christmas.  These will be limited edition Webkinz.  If you are a collector of Webkinz, we suggest you grab one of each of these before they are gone forever.


Is there a list of Webkinz that have already been made?
Yes, Ganz provides an  Online  Picture Catalog of all the Webkinz and Lil'Kinz they have produced.  Simply visit www.webkinz.com and click on Webkinz Catalog.  And to keep track of  what Webkinz you own and which ones you want, Ganz has provided an Add to Wishlist check off box








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